Team Project Actions

Team work is key to all businesses working efficiently. Working in a team can involve colleagues within the same office. For larger businesses or collaborative projects this can be more tricky. For example the team may involve people in other departments, in other offices and other sites. This system brings that team together.

A project may not always need a project manager. Therefore a team leader may take the role. Ted’s Tasks can allow you to take control and show each team member their actions.

For example Ted’s Tasks will show how each team member is working on their actions. All easy to view, easy to assess and easy to assign and allocate. As a result your team can work on what the business needs.

With Ted’s Tasks you do not need to work on a timeline at the start of the project. Projects will evolve and take their course.
Keeping in control Ted’s Tasks will keep you updated. For example plans can change as they go along. Ted’s Tasks allows your project to change and evolve. You can add tasks along the way, you can ensure your whole team are kept updated of any changes. Team members will be updated with their responsibilities in the project.

You can see when things are not going to plan. With easy colour coding you can view when tasks are running behind. Instant recognition allowing you to be in control. No more reaching deadline day and been told the task isn’t complete. Ted’s Tasks does not allow any tasks to hide.

Keep in control, keep on plan. And complete those tasks.

Ted’s Tasks – Easy teamwork

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