Meeting Minute Actions

Does your business have meetings where actions are not minuted? Then these minutes are not distributed? Or on the other hand when sent out minutes are not read by your team? As a result meetings are a waste of time. Most importantly – no actions mean no results.

Ted’s Tasks will change how you work. Instead of written minutes which are not actioned, take control. Work within a project in Ted’s Tasks. List all actions and allocate them to your team. All meeting minutes can be recorded in the system. Therefore if a change is decided at a later stage in the meeting, you can edit this.

Your team know what’s required. Allocate individual and team tasks, after that all tasks will go onto their main task overview. This way staff can organise and prioritise their tasks and allocate their time accordingly. All meeting minutes will be accessible to staff ensuring easy teamwork.

When it is time for your next meeting Ted’s tasks makes it nice and easy. Open the last meeting project and review the actions. All staff can report back on the tasks they have completed.

Make your meetings mean something important for your business. Focus on growth, efficiency and strength with the help of Ted’s Tasks.

Engage your staff with relevant and important meetings. Where tasks get completed and positive changes are made. In other words become more productive and improve staff morale.

Praise staff members for completed tasks with easy to view successes. At a later stage this information can be used for appraisals and annual reviews. In conclusion more engaged staff means more ideas for growth and better staff retention.

Make meetings matter

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