Business Improvement Activities

Are you a business owner or manager? For instance are you working on continuous improvement activities? Feeling out of control with all the tasks which need to get done to meet those approaching deadlines?

Take back control with Ted’s Tasks. The continuous improvement activities created through breakdowns, audits, cost savings, health and safety need completing. As a manager you have no budget to employ a project manager for this. Subsequently you do not have the time to over see your team as you have your own role to fulfill. Ted’s Tasks can help you.

For example you can track the progress of all your tasks and work on your most important deadlines. The system will expose these activities. Ensuring all departments know requirements and expectations. As a result teams are working together to get those tasks completed.

Methods for task management have meant your team needing to log in and check a different system. Therefore this may have meant due to busy workloads this was not always checked. Ted’s Tasks sends a daily or weekly email to all team members. Keeping them aware of their own responsibilities.

Ted’s Tasks – Task Management for Business Improvement