Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these FAQs will answer any queries you may have. 

Why is a task management system important?

Ted’s Tasks will change the way you view tasks. Working with such an easy to use system will put you back in control. Never miss a deadline, always follow up your meeting minutes and know exactly what deadlines are due. You will wonder how you ever worked without it!

How can I improve task management? 

Ted’s Tasks will allow you to improve your task management procedures. An easy to use software tool allowing the input of tasks. Choose the severity of the task, enter a due date, allocate to a team member if required. 

You can receive emails when a task is due, when a task is completed by a team member and when something is overdue. 

How can I follow up meeting actions? 

We know that far too often in business meetings take place and then nothing comes of the agenda discussed. Ted’s Tasks can be taken into a meeting on your laptop or phone and you can input onto the system. Actions from the meeting become tasks. Tasks from the meeting can be allocated across the team ensuring tasks are completed. Meetings will become much more productive and future meetings will mean easy updates. Make your meetings matter. 

How can I track meeting actions?

Ted’s Tasks allows you to easily track your actions. In your own dashboard is an easy to view list of tasks, who the task was raised by, it’s category and it’s start and due date. Their is also a countdown to when the task is due. 

When actions are input into Ted’s Tasks they can be easily tracked. When entered you can allocate them a severity of major, minor or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI).  

The tasks are easy to view, easy to search and easy to find out the current situation. If you need to follow up before a meeting on clicking on the relevant task you can see a full audit trail of actions within the task. It really is that easy. 

When is it best to take meeting minutes?

A great feature of Ted’s Tasks allows you to record minutes and subsequent actions during your meetings. You can use Ted’s Tasks on your laptop, tablet or phone so it is easy to take into a meeting. Take the minutes and create actions as you go. Make meetings matter and ensure progress is made. 

Ted’s Tasks allows tasks to be amended so if an action is changed it can be easily amended. The minutes can be easily viewed when searching a task title. 

Why is customer relationship management important? 

This is so important to businesses it helps you gain knowledge into the behaviour and expectations of your customer. The Ted’s Tasks system allows you to create tasks which will improve and strengthen relationships. Streamlining processes and addressing any issues which arise. 

Using tasks will ensure your customers concerns are treated as a priority allowing easy updates and clear timelines for progress. Making sure your customers experience with your business is a positive one. 

Will a CRM system improve teamwork? 

Using Ted’s Tasks will easily improve your teamwork. Tasks can be allocated across teams and across departments in your business. Team members can easily update the task when they have completed their part. Emails, documents and photographs can also be shared within a task allowing for easy teamwork. This increased team collaboration will increase staff morale, teamwork and your efficiency. 

How can I improve teamwork across departments? 

Ted’s Tasks will allow easy teamwork across departments, even across different office sites. All staff can see the tasks and have easy access to them. Staff can add PDFs, emails, images and documents to tasks so all team members can easily view them. 

In which other ways can Ted’s Tasks benefit my business? 

The benefits Ted’s Tasks can bring to your business are widespread. Having a more organised approach to tasks and responsibilities will benefit the day to day logistics and your staff retention. 

Having a clear method and task management procedure will increase communication and efficiency. Making it easy for managers and team leaders to assign tasks and let employees know what needs to be prioritised. 

The openness of Ted’s Tasks allows all staff to feel involved within the team. A clear view of all employees tasks and an ability to share documents, files, images etc makes working life much simpler. 

All tasks come with an audit trail which can be used for staff appraisals, training and reward and bonus decisions.