Projects are a group of tasks, that can also have a set of statuses to move through. A project can be renamed to fit your business.

A Project can be a Kitchen to be designed and fitted.

A Project can be a Problem within a business that needs resolving.

A Project can be a Meeting Agenda & Minutes with Tasks as outcomes.

The tasks within a project can be planned in advance, or just be a list of things to do.

You can set up to 8 different statuses for your project. For instance, a Building Services Company may have the statuses:

  • Lead
  • Design
  • Awaiting Response
  • Plan Sub-Contractors
  • Completion
  • Invoicing
  • Complete (mandatory status)
  • Cancelled (mandatory status)

There are some templated fields for different requirements, such as 5 Why and Root Cause for problems, Attendees, Apologies, and Agenda for Meetings, and Customers for project based work.

There is a lightweight Customer database that can be used to record your customers in relation to project work.