Ted’s Tasks has many features that make this a good all round Task Management Tool. Take a look at our videos to see the features in action.


Drag and Drop emails from outlook or files from desktop. Copy and paste images. Browse on your mobile phone to take a photo and instantly attach to your task.

Automatic Reporting

Automatically view reports showing who has the most tasks, who has completed the most tasks, and how many new, open, closed, or overdue tasks weekly.


Automatically feed your deadlines into the calendar on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Never miss a deadline again, and we have instructions to help you set it up.

Daily / Weekly Email

User’s are not likely to log in daily. A single daily email will help to remind your staff that there are tasks, and keep them at the top of their inbox!


The dashboard will instantly tell you your top 5 tasks, your performance in comparison to all users, and 5 different ways to look at your tasks.

Email Me When Complete

If you are waiting for somebody to complete a task for you to do your bit or check, then you can tick a box during creation. An email will be sent to you when it has been completed or cancelled with a link to open the task.

Mobile Friendly

Ted’s Tasks has been designed for the mobile phone and tablet first. There is no app, but an awesome website. You can take photos on your phone and instantly attach to your task.

Predefined Task Sets

If you find yourself starting projects or CRM tasks the same everytime, you can create a set of tasks for every scenario, so you will work the same way everytime.


Projects are a way of grouping tasks, and can be renamed to your commodity. Meetings, Contacts, Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Problems are all examples of projects.


Tasks and Projects can be marked as confidential. There are things that you do not want your teams to see such as Team Changes, Appraisal Actions, and your shopping list…

Repeating Tasks

We have a clever way of repeating tasks, so you do not get bogged down with duplicates. Alter the start date of the next occurrence as you complete your existing task!

Search Tasks

We provide quick ways to find tasks, and show them in the most effective ways. You can easily get to completed and cancelled tasks with a variety of search criteria.


Have you ever got to the end of the week and thought, “what did I do?”? History is the place where you can see all of the Projects and Tasks that you have Created, Read, or Updated each day.